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Niranjan Seshadri

Mother Eternal

Mother Eternal

O Mother, you see something I don’t

Why else would you give so much? I can’t even count

Your wish is to see me win

By befriending all, whether foreign or native skin


I didn't give a push to this wave

Sorry, it's being frittered, on everything I crave

You built us this magnificent temple

Our corner of the universe, it’s so special


Like the distant twinklers hiding behind the sun

Movies from light years away continue to run

When I look up, I’m the cynosure of the cosmic eyes

When I look within, I’m walled off by the mind’s lies


O Mother, may I borrow your eyes for just one instant?

I want the vision to change, I’m truly repentant

There isn’t a real clock, is there?

This moment becomes you, the eternal, when I am nowhere

The moment

The moment