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Niranjan Seshadri



Roots, delicate umbilical cords that remain hidden

Snaking through the darkness, their growth isn’t sudden

Once uprooted, leaves are given the notice to leave

They dry and shrivel, even with all the rain they receive

Roots are treasured if fruits are sweet and tender

They are the hidden foundations of a forest’s splendor

Do they talk to one another?

As they plot the beauty of the ground cover

All for us, a coordinated effort to spread beauty

While roots never see light in their world that’s dark and roomy

Roots grip the earth so we may enjoy its fruits

We fail to taste the essence, lost in examining external attributes

Even thoughts have roots, they feed our actions and speech

They are so well hidden that no shovel can reach

When the roots feeding thoughts are removed

Memory shrivels and the lushness of the present is renewed



The Weave

The Weave