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Niranjan Seshadri

Sand and the Sea

Sand and the Sea

Surf scribbles through frothy ink, our destiny

On shifting sands lie life’s greatest irony

In sand castles built grain by grain

Blood and sweat leave a deep stain


Every thought, an island unto itself

Where we’re in love with our marooned self

On the placid sea of infinite consciousness

Brevity appears if life’s made a game of chess


When there is a flood, of wisdom’s light

Islands submerge, no more dark and contrite

They are mirages, not our home

It’s easy to forget when we aimlessly roam


We may not be the sea, but we can command waves

To wash over countless islands, freeing its slaves

When we turn into powdered sand, the sea shows the way  

It’s too late when the sea has to reclaim hardened clay

The Faithful

The Faithful