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Niranjan Seshadri

The Faithful

The Faithful

We’re besotten with a life, no longer see-through

It’s truth forgotten, while the night washes the veil of blue

We’re faithful as the clouds are to peaks on the great Himalaya

To billowing thoughts, listened to as if a messiah


The mind rejoices when awareness loses its chastity

It sticks to the bed of worry, as if mind’s invaded by gravity

When love escapes into the hands of the divine lover

Faith appears, enticing us to rediscover


Atoms hold on even if we are unfaithful

To the silence that feeds the faithful

It is quiet under the rind

When seeds are no longer confined


In emptiness, leaves are shed and branches laid bare

Life’s no more a forest where the lost stare

The truth remains, as we left it, a pure treasure

Not for the unfaithful, who live by a different measure


The Mystical

The Mystical

Sand and the Sea

Sand and the Sea