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Niranjan Seshadri

The Mystical

The Mystical

The mystical is exacting and mathematical

Disappearing from equations deemed dogmatical

It pervades the space between the seen and the unseen

Even the ordinary, that has lost its sheen


It’s mystical, the raw simplicity of atoms we breathe

Indifferent to the joys and sorrows which erupt like teeth

These are stored in the mind, a well-guarded portal

Those who believe in it, accept the name mortal


The mystical is in every musical note

When the heart cannot sleep and is stirred to emote

And speech becomes music to the soul

The known and the unknown may become whole


The mystical is unafraid of science

It’s laws, baked in during the primal eruption, from silence

The realm of the mystical welcomes feeling and logic

It hides in plain sight, finding beauty is the key to its magic

A fragrance called Life

A fragrance called Life

The Faithful

The Faithful