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Niranjan Seshadri

Setting time

Setting time

Time doesn’t set on the moment

When there is total atonement

By the mind living by the clock of deceit

Seeing its obsolescence isn’t defeat


There’s new freedom when we outgrow

The mind’s incessant flow

Start to finish, life’s a long way

On that journey, time will pause when we pray


Not for a rope to hold riches in our sway

But for courage not to be destiny’s prey

Paths may be smooth, but legs become tired and stiff

Chasing thoughts as if they’re a trustworthy glyph


Like a river that must vanish before is set free

The mind must thaw for it to melt into the universal sea

From there we rise into the spirit’s atmosphere

And we’re no longer in time’s sphere

Empress of the Sea

Empress of the Sea

Bridge across life

Bridge across life