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Niranjan Seshadri

Sky of Silence

Sky of Silence

The sky, we are blanketed by its open horizon

We cannot hold any grudge against its silence

It’s full of an invisible elixir

We breathe, even in the chill of winter

Wild trees open their branches and leaves

Even cultured crops don’t hide their sheaves

To the sky which holds the treasure we seek

But first, we will have to decipher its mystique

The sky’s a giver and not a taker

Even clouds can’t cling to their maker

They are asked to open their watery chest

To quench thirst, regardless of the faith professed

When we scrub the mind clean

It will no longer be a noisy screen

Space opens, a new sky never leaves our view

Through its colorless silence, life begins anew

The road of humility

The road of humility