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Niranjan Seshadri

The road of humility

The road of humility

The road of humility isn’t paved

Lest thoughts would seek to be engraved

To walk it, we need new feet

That have not rested by the high seat

The road of humility isn’t on any map

An eternal promise, it isn’t a trap

We were humble when we first crawled

We are now on the run, but progress has stalled

It is a lonesome walk home

Where the jewel-bedecked do not adorn the dome

It is the way of the positive

Just a step on the road of humility makes it possible

The roots of humility are not puny

They hold up the road to eternal beauty

As long as we are on that road, we remain upright

A new strength appears with the demise of false might

The entertainer

The entertainer

Sky of Silence

Sky of Silence