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Niranjan Seshadri

The entertainer

The entertainer

We pay the mind, to keep us entertained

Through the years, our attention has not waned

On tragedies, mysteries, and comedies

To cure boredom, such diverse remedies

The mind isn’t an original act

With time, it has struck a clever pact

The mind makes us forget time’s true nature

In return, time drives us into mind’s addicting pasture

The past is time’s clever half

The mind shows us the past’s photograph

The future is time’s charming side

The mind’s gifted the monopoly, on that ride

The show will be over one day

No one has the ticket for a permanent stay

Before then, we can shake away the mind

It will continue to entertain, the shadow we leave behind

Army of Thoughts

Army of Thoughts

The road of humility

The road of humility