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Niranjan Seshadri

The Melody

The Melody

The Melody… It is long lost

Hearts wait, buried in a colorful frost

Where musical instruments are weakened by their fast

Strings loosened, they bypass the mind and its past

In the mind, repentance is eschewed

And vows with misery are renewed

To sounds, it is immune

And does not dance to our tune

A musical key opens the doorway

Where faint notes of The Melody enter and stay

Beckoning all, even if it’s the mind

In that silvery tone, deep peace isn’t a rare find

The Melody
is always there, but when it’s volume isn’t dead

We can dance and revel in love’s open spread

There is no need to claw at the walls of the heart

It is a haven, where we make a fresh start

The Temple

The Temple

Ear to the Mind

Ear to the Mind