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Niranjan Seshadri

The Temple

The Temple

The temple, who decided it needed walls

Or lushly carpeted great halls

Is it money well spent? On exteriors that attract

The mind, an incorrigible nucleus, it’s aim is to distract

Making us jump to our feet

Looking for a roof and a comfortable seat

We long to remain under a cloud of one thought

Raining happiness, making us run to where its taught

Temple or a house, walls without windows

Would be a prison, full of forgotten shadows

That is the mind of today, until we open a window

Not to the world to which we are wedded, it will survive the limbo

The temple bells can be heard if the doors are open

We can enter once the walls are broken

The world and mind are our temples

When thrown open, they become towering heavens



The Melody

The Melody