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Niranjan Seshadri

Fragrance of Gratitude

Fragrance of Gratitude

Expressing gratitude, a flower’s life

Whether caressed by hand or cut by a knife

Colorful and tender, always open and giving

Amongst thorns, silently preaching and forgiving


Until the self blooms, the mind remains a thorn

Where happiness is quickly shorn

Releasing odor attractive to flies, not bees

As the nectar drops dry, there comes dis-ease


Flowers intoxicate when in bloom

Gratitude lives, even when cut, as heavenly perfume

We are bitter green buds with fingers closed

The sweetness of inner beauty cannot be exposed


When hands open to give, fingers turn into petals

Which hold onto nothing, and the silt of memory cannot settle

The fragrance that wafts from a giver who lives in gratitude

Becomes light as a scent adopted by air, it’s forever pursued

Keys to the Universe

Keys to the Universe

Empty and full

Empty and full