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Niranjan Seshadri

Keys to the Universe

Keys to the Universe

There are trillions of keys, to the universe

Most are lost as soon as we start to converse

Without them, locks adorn every door

Refusing entry, leaving us longing in every pore


Atoms embrace us all, they’re our personal keys

To life, Nature’s benevolent, but we’re careless trustees

What a wondrous chance missed

Of using keys a star may have kissed


A universal gift, the body’s assemblage of atoms

It’s a key to unlocking a bridge across the chasm

Helping us escape dark holes

Sucking awareness, leaving behind lost souls


There is a nucleus within every key

To the forest or hills, there is no need to flee

The key to the center, singing love’s eternal tune

The universe waits there, to serenade us with a croon

Lighting the present

Lighting the present

Fragrance of Gratitude

Fragrance of Gratitude