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Niranjan Seshadri

Lighting the present

Lighting the present

There’s nothing hidden in the sun

It’s past has burned, no memories from when it has begun

It constantly showers light on the present

Faithful to the sky, on its daily ascent


Our lives are fully tethered to its fiery hollow

We’ll be long gone by the time it decides to mellow

Allowing an embrace just before it departs at sunset

It returns on time, waiting for those who forget


If the sun could burn what we need to unlearn

The past would be a surprise, future a good turn

As our candles melt, we will stop begging for wax from the world

And darkness would forever be spurned


We’re afraid to look at the mind as if it’s the blinding sun

Imagining it to be a foe, we try to outrun

The mind is wedded to us, for a time

There’s nothing hidden in it, except our accumulated grime

Knowing Silence

Knowing Silence

Keys to the Universe

Keys to the Universe