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Niranjan Seshadri

Empty and full

Empty and full

Empty yet full, of space and blue

Clouds cannot hold on, there isn’t any glue

Buffering us against the deep cold of space

The sky’s in meditation, watching as we race


We enrich the mind with snapshots of time

Fattening with what’s stale and past its prime

No more the delicate veneer we come with

It relegates reality into a hoary myth


The mind is hermetically sealed

To atoms left behind when everything’s peeled

What magic does it muster?

To hold thoughts in a galactic cluster


If thoughts could burn as easily as sun kissed fog

We would be writing the mind’s epilogue

Wisdom would flash in like a shooting star

We become the sky, host to an eternal lodestar

Fragrance of Gratitude

Fragrance of Gratitude

Mirroring Eternity

Mirroring Eternity