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Niranjan Seshadri

Mirroring Eternity

Mirroring Eternity

Trapped by the elastic the never breaks

The eternal wave of the present breaks

Past and future, we tug at the ends

Till the last breath, they're the best of friends


The rope of eternity cannot be severed

The mind’s elasticity cannot be measured

Both are in step with infinity

One treasures memories, the other divinity


We carry a strand that’s set alight

With life, that will one day fade into the night

When the mind usurps the mantle of the eternal

Eyes turn lazy, becoming predictably diurnal


Brightened by desires competing with life’s burning light

Our vision is hemmed in by the finite

Mind and eternity, the two faces

They're the same, when in a mirror’s good graces

Empty and full

Empty and full

Mother's Nature

Mother's Nature