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Niranjan Seshadri

Mother's Nature

Mother's Nature

O Mother, where’s the promised land?

Where they worship even empty sand

We’re kings and queens, living like serfs

Afraid to leave, the mind’s feudal turf


Even light waits behind the walls we build

Existence is put on hold, in our striving to gild

Thoughts, they cushion the shadow within

The coward within has made us into a twin


The guiding light cannot be kept at bay

Curtain’s long been up on the divine ballet

The harsh and wicked, the soft and noble

Together they dance, but time cannot be forever stolen


If only our hearts were reachable like a pocket

We would not bore you Mother, with lists that fill a bucket

Making peace with you through many

You feed us bliss, as we gestate in your cosmic belly

Mirroring Eternity

Mirroring Eternity

Gasp for eternity

Gasp for eternity