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Niranjan Seshadri

Gasp for eternity

Gasp for eternity

Weaving through thought free gaps

Footsteps to eternity leave no tracks

Leaving behind time, on an immortal pause

And dropping the mind from it’s jaws


The fickle breath may not relent

As we break through the mind’s cement

The gasps come hard and fast

For times that have disappeared into the past


In gasping for eternity, there’s transcendence

Beyond subconscious permafrost, lies independence

The padding of thoughts makes us tepid

And the voyager within trepid


Eternity is within reach, it takes one gasp

There’s relief from the mind’s unshakable grasp

It involves bravery, not treachery

In burning seeds in the vault of memory

Mother's Nature

Mother's Nature

Mind Tree

Mind Tree